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Welcome to Whittier Elementary School!

Whittier Elementary School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome new and returning parents and students to Whittier School! It is our commitment that each student has a positive learning experience and enjoys being part of Whittier.  We are all part of a wonderful school filled with very experienced, high quality staff.  It is a privilege being part of such a dynamic and successful group.  Feel free to stop in the office anytime.  I welcome your comments and ideas as we partner together in your child’s educational experiences.

Our school rules of Be Safe, Be Kind, and Be Sure To Mind (and say “okay”) will be shared at a student assembly on Friday.  Detailed information about our school expectations, both academic and behavioral related, will be shared with all parents in the next newsletter and upcoming Open House.  Our Open House is set for Thursday, September 15 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.  We will be having a separate kindergarten assembly with a Bubbles theme and every kindergarten student will be captured in “life size” bubbles to illustrate the importance of not bursting the “bubbles” of others.

Many outstanding instructional strategies will continue to be implemented this school year.  We will be updating our school webpage to highlight our school goals focusing on Common Core Standards, RtI (Multi Tiered Systems of Support), and Olweus.  Olweus is our model in promoting a bully-free school environment and we will be setting up a schoolwide Olweus Assembly within the first few weeks of school.   Educational technology continues to be a major focus at Whittier School and we are excited to bring more technology to the hands of our young learners to help prepare them for 21st Century learning.  We will continue to provide meaningful interventions for all levels of learners and will continue our professional development around best teaching practices in reading, writing, and math to ensure that all students have their personal learning goals met.

A special thank you to our PAC organization and all of the amazing contributions they make to our school. I encourage all of you to get involved with your child’s education as much as you can despite your busy schedules.  The PAC is one way to reach out to other parents and partner with our staff to work together to truly make positive differences for our young learners and school community.    

I look forward to a successful and fun year together.
Mr. Schlepp

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