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Parent Advisory Council

What is PAC?

PAC is a volunteer parent run advisory council that works to support the school in a variety of ways. Whittier has a strong commitment to fostering healthy relationships between students, teachers, families and our greater Bozeman community.

Who are members of PAC?

Every parent/guardian of a student at Whittier School is part of PAC. A team of officers is elected each year that serve as an executive team that meet monthly.

What does PAC do?

  • Provide a means of communication between parents and teachers.
  • Provide ways for parents to be involved in their child's education and school activities.
  • Form committees to tackle big projects, such as the Playground Renovation, Fundraising and Grant chasing.
  • Financially support school activities and projects. PAC pays for class field trips, the art teacher and the choir program. We provide teachers with a yearly classroom stipend and a catered lunch, morning coffees and a gift during Teacher Appreciation Week. PAC provided snacks for the students during testing and paid for the annual reading incentive program. PAC also funds big projects.

PAC meetings?

Any parent/guardian is welcome to attend the PAC meetings. Our Whittier PAC Meetings are held the second Monday of each month. The focus of our meetings is to update parents on PAC finances and seek parent approval for future projects and expenditures. In addition, we would like to recruit volunteers for PAC sponsored activities - we encourage all parents to volunteer their time for at least one activity over the year.

Parent Advisory Council for 2015-2016:

  • President - Dawn McDonald
  • Secretary - Nicole Edwards
  • Treasurer - Sam Blomquist